Two-Hour Delay for WPS; Rivers, CSW and Meadowbrook Closed

Snowmaggedon 2015, corner of Round Hill and Stony Brook


I absolutely love the day before a snowstorm. Not only do I enjoy the warning time to wax up the cross-country skis, but I like to peruse the bookshelves for a book with which to spend the day. For those of you here during Snowmaggedon 2015, you will understand how I made it through the entire Harry Potter series in two months.

The day/evening before a snowstorm is also time for “Snow Day Quarterbacking.” It is when various folks in town, whether or not they have kids in school, talk about the likelihood of a snow day. And yeah, I know that the kids all have the app with the Snow Day predictor on it–which read 99% last night at 10 pm. On the School Committee zoom last night, Superintendent Midge Connolly said she would not make the call until 4 am Tuesday. Note that she actually IS the quarterback.

This left plenty of time on Weston social media for the usual “back in my day, we never had snow days. Our superintendent was hard-core”, or “I walked to school carrying a gramophone and a 500-page textbook through 8 feet of snow” or “kids are so protected now” and parents are somehow at fault for everything including the rate of snowfall. Listen up, Weston, I take full responsibility for my kids preferring to sleep in and play in the white fluffy stuff than go to school. Sure, add a day at the end of the school year–I will tell you how many kids will show up on said last day if it interferes with their going off to their summer house. Ah, Weston.

The text came in at 5:10 am– WPS is operating under a two-hour delay. There will be those happy and those unhappy with this. There will also be those who forget that teachers don’t live, in vast majority, in this town and have to get here carefully, possibly having to make plans for their own kids who may not have school today in their town. School bus drivers are also responsible for driving through this. All private schools in Weston are closed today.

Be safe out there, Weston! Also find joy in the snow–because if you don’t, there will be less joy but just as much snow. I personally am hoping for much more snow because my joy of XC skiing needs about 2 more inches of the fluff.

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