Housekeeping: Weston Owl Calendar and Subscriptions


Happy March 1, Weston! It’s a beautiful day and I plan to spend very little of it in front of the Weston Owl website. Fortunately for you all, there are about a billion articles from yesterday for you to catch up on. And of course, this one is a periodic housekeeping post to make sure you know how awesome this site is and how little you pay for it.


I have to say that the majority of my current posts are calendar posts that have been sent to me by various organizations in town. It is wonderful to be a clearinghouse for all that goes on, but I just don’t have the wherewithal, staffing, time, or bandwidth to post every calendar event as a “blog post. When I don’t have time, it goes directly over to the calendar page which you can see on the right side halfway down on the computer version of the Owl, and I have no idea where on a phone because I can’t see stuff on my phone. Lucky you all who don’t need glasses.

On the desktop version of the Owl, you can also click on “View Full-Page Calendar” and that will bring up this handy reference page:


Nice, right? You can also click on the Town of Weston calendar link which has town, committee and some community meetings listed. If you didn’t know it, the Weston Public Library has the best calendar in town but only covers WPL and AIC events. Of which there are many and all of them cool.

Subscriptions and Donations

If you want to get the Owl in your inbox, you can put your email address on the homepage. You will have the option to get daily, weekly or as-they-happen emails. Currently, there are 901 subscribers, and quite a few more who visit the homepage every morning, find their way here by google search or follow on WordPress.

Now the money. The Owl is not behind a paywall. I have purposefully set it up this way so it is available to all–kids, fixed-income folks, anyone. I will not be adding a subscription fee. I will most likely be adding a platinum advertiser fairly soon because let’s face it, it has to be done. I hope you all will support this advertiser.

If you read the Owl regularly or find yourself learning along the way, please consider donating to the Owl. And when I say “the Owl,” I mean me. I put in many many many hours and hosting for this site is also not free. Thank you to all who have paid monthly subscriptions along the way on a voluntary basis and for those who have donated other values in the last two years. The Owl is not supported in any way by town funds. The Owl has not accepted sponsored posts. She has accepted free food. She is not made of steel.

Please consider financial inspiration by clicking here.

Back to your regularly-scheduled Wednesday.


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