Musical Interludes with Weston Public School Musicians and Singers

String Fling 2016

It’s music season, Weston, including the special Ides of March Spring Sing on March 15. Join your neighbors and friends for these entertaining evenings of music. You do not have to have a student in the school system to enjoy the evenings, though I will say (expecting hate mail) that the third-fifth grade string music can sometimes be…ahhhh…eclectic? Unexpected? I am amazed what little kids can do…and then suddenly they are bigger and bigger kids and by the time the high schoolers start playing you’re like “what did I just hear? Angels?” or something like that. I have no kids in music but will attend at least the String Fling and Bandfest (Spring Sing sadly is outside my scheduling sphere).

Students from across the District will perform. Come listen to the progression of talent from the elementary schools to the High School. By the way, don’t attempt to show up late–seating is at a premium.

Tickets are $5 per family. Seniors, staff, faculty and students are free.

  • String Fling Grades 3-12 Tuesday, March 7th 7pm WHS Gymnasium
  • Bandfest Grades 4-12 Wednesday March 8th 7pm WHS Gymnasium
  • Spring Sing Grades 3-12 Wednesday March 15th 7pm Field School Gymnasium

Go ‘cats!

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