WEEFC Meets Matching Goal and Raises $100,000 for Students

The Weston Education Enrichment Fundraising Committee (WEEFC) announced today that it had met the $50,000 fundraising goal which was then matched by a generous donor and hits $100,000 raised for the benefit of Weston Public School students. This means that the super cool Weston Middle School Robotics Lab will become a reality, and the teams will benefit from a new location outside of a Weston garage (thank you, Cary Gumbert, for the use of said garage, and hopefully now you have more space in your garage for birdseed or alpine skis or whatever). You can read about the Robotics lab here.

Thank you to WEEFC volunteers, to the 600 donors over the school year, and to the generous anonymous matching donor. Field School wins the fundraising drive and apparently are now known as the Field Foxes. When did this happen? So Woodland Wolves, Field Foxes and Country…Crows? No, coyote. I don’t know, someone tell me. I thought we were all Wildcats? Hmmm. Elementary schools gone rogue. Let me know when the ice cream truck arrives.

Go ‘cats!

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