Where is it Wednesday – Helping Hand from WFTA


Okay, Weston, the Owl made it through as much of her Wednesday as she could without asking where the Where is it Wednesday post was from the Weston Historical Society…and then broke down a while back and sent a note. Here’s the bad news, my little guess-happy friends–there will be no Historical Society Where is it Wednesday game today. Apparently, they are getting serious with a look at Town Caucus and town government over the years. I tried to warn them that the next step was a full riot or at least a traffic tangle at the Intersection of Doom. Did they listen? No.

In the interests of saving the watering trough from the rioting crowds of Jeopardy-followers, Weston Forest & Trail Association has nimbly hiked into the breech and presents their Where in WFTA (make sure you get the order right, people) am I made briefly famous during the pandemic as we all wandered the woods in search of solace.

The photo above is from an Eagle Scout project finished in November 2020. Where is it and which two conservation properties does it link? Fine, I can make it black and white if that is the only way you play WiiW.

See? Now it’s historic:


Answer tomorrow. Please send any feedback about the lack of a Historic WiiW to the Weston Historical Society facebook page which is filled currently with fascinating stuff about Town Caucus which I will re-post when I get to it…

ANSWER: This trail link leads from the College Pond conservation area to cross Concord Road and enter Ogilvie Forest conservation area. It is circled in maroon-ish on the map. You can see it live and in-person on Sunday during the WFTA Monthly Walk at 2 pm (meet at Burchard).

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