A Parliament of Owls: Composting Starts at Field School on March 6

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Did you know a group of owls is called a “parliament”? In the case of the Weston Owl, a Parliament is a guest post on this page. This post has been written by Heather Borden and Angela Rostami, the Green Team PTO Co-Chairs.


On March 6th, the much-anticipated composting pilot will launch at The Field School. Fourth and fifth-grade students in the Green Club are stepping up to lead this momentous project. Students are leading the charge with signage and spreading the word within the school community in addition to creating an instructional video for their peers.

Back in the fall of 2021, students interested in doing something about food waste collaborated with the Field School administration/teachers and PTO Green Team to organize a food waste audit. As a result of this study, students were able to present their findings to the School Committee to advocate for change within their school. 

The collaboration between students, Field School staff, the PTO and the town of Weston has finally turned this project into a reality. The amount of logistics, including the coordination between the school employees and the town, sets this apart as a really great example of what happens when we all speak up and work together to create change. 

Here’s what some of the 4th and 5th-grade Green Club students have to say about the project:

“I am excited to compost because it is a fun way to make environmental change.” – George Johnson (4th grader)

“I am excited to start composting at Field School because we are helping our community– and while we are helping our community we are saving the Earth. We are still kids but we are going to make a real change.” – Lucy Rostami (4th grader)

“I am excited about composting at Field School because we are helping the community and saving the Earth. Even though we are kids we are changing the Earth. Imagine how much more we can do to save the planet.” – Claire Muldoon (5th Grader)

PTO Green Team would like to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication: 4th and 5th-grade green club members (both former and current students), Dr. Dan Green (Field School Principal), Maggie Ryan (4th-grade teacher and Green Club leader), Alfredo Quezada (former Green Club leader), Julie Gagen (Weston Sustainability Coordinator), Kortni Wroten (former Sustainabilty Coordinator), Weston administration and School Committee, Charlie Kotufo (Director of Food Services, Weston Schools) and the entire food service staff, Dan Kelly and the entire custodial staff at Field School, Phoebe Beierle (parent volunteer and expert on greening schools), as well as all of the parent volunteers who step up to make a difference in their community.


Amazing work, team!! I hope you check back in with the Owl and update how things are going. Once this program proves to be a success (and it will!), the food waste composting will be extended to other schools in the system.

Go ‘cats! (and apparently Foxes which is the Field School mascot!)

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