Drumroll, Please: Caucus Nominees 2023


Update: This post has been updated at 5 pm on March 7 to reflect that there is no Caucus nominee for Board of Health, which is a change from last night’s results. You can see official results at the Town website here.

Okay, as I was sitting there in the Town Hall Auditorium, I resolved to NOT have any subjective commentary about Town Caucus. And then Measurer of Lumber nominations happened and brought the fun home so to speak. So here, with as little commentary as I can muster, are this year’s Caucus Nominees:

Oh, but first I have to comment that I thought I might be in the wrong Town Hall auditorium when Joel Angiolillo was named Caucus Chair…for so many years it has been Katty Chace that it was a little disconcerting. Thank you, Katty, for all you have done for this town, and Joel, you did a good job, boss. Emily Hutcheson was Caucus Secretary (thank you, too, Emily!)

Please note that not one office is contested, at least in the Caucus nominations. One role had no nominee.

And now, for the nominees…drumroll….

Select Board: Tom Palmer (resist..resist…nope, sorry I can’t. Tom is a double Wildcat, a WHS and a Northwestern Kellogg grad. This is going to make my blog simply write itself. That and ChatGPT.)

School Committee: Adam Newman. Adam self-nominated and I really loved this.

Moderator: Rip Hastings (incumbent)

Planning Board: Leslie Glynn (incumbent)

Board of Assessors (2 seats): John Hennessey, Tamilyn M. Liesenfeld (incumbents)

Recreation Commission: (3 seats): Adam King, Eric Rosenthal, Chikaebere Toure (incumbents)

Library Trustees (2 seats): Joe Mullin (incumbent), Emma Kwon. These two nominated each other so that was fun.

Board of Health: Vacant

Commissioner of Trust Funds (3 year term): Kevin O’Connell

Commissioner of Trust Funds (1 year): No caucus nominee

Measurers of Lumber (3 seats): Michael Cooper (incumbent) Daniel McDonald, Michael Harrity

As I mentioned, Measurer of Lumber is always the wild card of the night. Sometimes there is a nominee who has prepared for the role, and sometimes there is a general look around the room to see who hasn’t ducked fast enough. One member of the Caucus was nominated but immediately stood up and said he was moving from town, thereby negating his eligibility. Fortunately, Mr. Harrity was there to take up the heavy mantle.

More to come on our nominees. Thank you all for being willing to volunteer your time for our town.


  • You left your water bottle under your chair so I gave it to Debbie Davenport.

    • Oh thank you so much! I love that water bottle–it’s from the Lincoln Scarecrow 5K in maybe 2018. I will drop in and pick it up at Town Hall tomorrow…appreciate it…

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