Boston Veterinary Clinic Opens in Weston South (aka Wellesley)


No, Westonians, this is not an April Fool’s joke. That would be too early and I still have a few weeks to figure out how to punk you. It turns out the Bostonians ARE coming, though not down our rail trail as previously and anxiously discussed in wacky town meeting in 1997, and really they are technically coming to Wellesley which we have no intention of trying to annex because who needs their traffic? Not me. Nice college though. Where was I?

Oh yes, I got the following press release from Boston Veterinary Clinic. This is not an endorsement and no money or vaccines have changed hands but rather an invitation to go and check out their facilities which have an open house with TACOS and CAKE* on April 1. Maybe you are in the market for a vet clinic, especially if you are one of the people with pandemic puppies and kitties that have a hard time finding an appointment. Or a mini-horse. Do you have a mini-horse? Can I meet him/her?

The clinic is open now for appointments. You can find information about the clinic in their press release below, and also fun stuff about the April 1 Open House further down the page.



Boston Veterinary Clinic opens its new, state-of-the-art clinic in Wellesley, the first clinic for the Boston family veterinarian practice in the suburban market

Boston Veterinary Clinic is proud to welcome current and prospective patients and their caregivers to explore its newest Fear-Free clinic in Wellesley, located at 239 Washington Street. The innovative, primary care practice is equipped with 5 exam rooms – 1 for cats, 1 for exotics, and 3 for dogs – as well as full surgical and dental suites. 

Similar to their other practices in Boston, Brookline, and coming soon to Charlestown, the new Wellesley clinic has a “cat clinic” within a clinic, which features a separate cat-only waiting room, and also has a quiet room with a separate entrance.  

As a Fear Free Certified Practice, BVC has designed its clinics, defined its medical processes and procedures, and professionally trained its care team with one goal: to reduce the fear, anxiety and stress in each and every visit. Each exam room was built with heated towel racks, vaccine chillers and retractable exam tables to create a calm, inviting and comforting environment for our patients and their guardians. Every care team member has been trained to use unique techniques that address the mental and physical health of those in our care. 

As of early February 2023, BVC’s Wellesley care team is welcoming existing and prospective clients and their companions to experience the best in veterinary care. Their friendly and knowledgeable care team will offer tours of our new and expanded facility, and, most importantly, convenient appointments with our team of veterinarians. Parking is available in an adjacent lot to the practice.

Current and prospective patients can book appointments now at

WHERE: Boston Veterinary Clinic | 239 Washington Street, Wellesley MA

*Tacos and cake have not yet been confirmed. One can hope.

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