Reminder: Give Your Feedback on New Superintendent Search March 9

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash


Yes, you too, dear Community Member, get to be a part of the search for a new Superintendent of Weston Public Schools. The School Committee has begun the search for a new superintendent and is seeking input from the school community.

Specifically, they’d like to know the qualities you want to see in the new superintendent, the strategies you want our district to prioritize, and the metrics you look to when evaluating the quality of our schools. You can be part of the effort by: 

  • filling out this online survey
  • providing feedback to the School Committee
  • participating in a meeting of all community members tomorrow, Thursday, March 9, at 7pm via Zoom

I have been told that feedback like my first thought–new Super should come with comfort dog–is welcome but not necessarily what they are looking for. Fine, I didn’t mention the doggo and no one told me I couldn’t. One word: Otis. We need an Otis.

The School Committee will share the community’s collective feedback at their meeting on March 13.

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