School Committee March 13; Dr. Kimo Carter a Finalist at Belmont

Screenshot of March 13 agenda. Full agenda available here.


Tonight, March 13, the School Committee will take a vote on several items of interest including Field 1 lighting and school choice, and tucked right behind those items is the Fiscal Year 2024 final budget. In the informational part of the meeting, there will be feedback from the public forums and written submissions about the search for the Interim Superintendent.

On a separate but related to schools note, the Owl sees that Dr. Kimo Carter, Weston’s Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, has been named a Finalist for the role of Belmont Schools Superintendent. While expressing her personal opinion that she would much miss Dr. Carter who has been responsive and thoughtful to all of her emails as a parent and Owl, it is time for Analyze The Mascot, an Owl favorite pastime.

Belmont’s high school has 1,300 students which means it is almost exactly double the size of WHS. Its high school was built in 2021 which makes it much better than ours from 1962 (sorry but age does not equal good stuff in high school design, come get me, historics). Actually, it seems the building project is ongoing–well, that looks fun. Also looks a bit like the corporate building where I worked as a summer intern in the dark ages of the 20th century–yes, that is envy speaking. That place had a GREAT cafeteria, possibly the best until Lucent briefly was a viable company in Miramar, Florida.

Moving onwards, the Belmont mascot is the Marauders. Ummmm…wow. That is the first time I looked that up. A marauder is defined by Merriam-Webster as “one who roams from place to place making attacks and raids in search of plunder.” I love that we are teaching our kids all the right lessons. I am not a fan of their logo. I am super glad I don’t have to wear that one on a soccer sideline.


On the other hand, I would LOVE to steal (ahem, maraud) the BHS 5 Minutes Ago weekly videos done by the students. That is awesomeness. Communication and theatre at its best. Let’s do that, Weston. Imagine we have the Wes-TEN and the Wes-FIVE, the latter done by the high school about all the school successes and upcoming events. Announced by the students. Could play it on school video monitors during the week. Let’s do it, ‘cats, who have the best logo ever.

This week’s “examine a neighboring school system” is brought to you by “please don’t go, Kimo” Inc.

Happy Monday, Weston!

Here is the online agenda for School Committee tonight March 13 at 6:30 pm. For official news about the finalists for the Maurading, you can see that here.

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