Happy Pi Day Part 2: Student Recites 220 Digits of Pi at Field School


While the rest of us were walking around bonking into walls in morning stupor post-time-change, or trudging out to get the bus (secondary schoolers) or sitting in classrooms anxiously awaiting early dismissal (elementary), a major math-y feat was feted at Field (wow, I am awake and I bet you are too now). Former Field student (and now Weston Middle School student) Danesh Moghadas Zadeh recited 220 digits of pi over the loudspeaker at Field School. 220 digits!! I can’t even remember the Owlets’ cell phone numbers! What….?

How long did it take him to memorize them? How long did it take him to recite them? Did he get some actual pie as a reward? How many digits are in Pi? 62.8 trillion at the current count. I think we’ll stick with 220.

Amazing feat, Danesh! And a shout-out to Dr. Green for shouting out his students, past and present.

Go ‘cats!

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