New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell: March 16 at WPL

Photo credit: New England Quilt Museum


Please note that the Weston Public Library is closed today due to weather. Also, note that the e-library is always open at

This week, a wonderful event at the Weston Public Library is all about quilts. I love quilts. I do not have the patience to make one, but we have a couple of family quilts that are much cherished on the Dutch side of the family–one we still don’t know the story about but we like to make things up (family trait).

We have many quilts from the Brazilian side of the family–Mr. Owl’s grandmother made quilts out of old clothing which makes for a wonderful walk down memory lane of corduroys and denim and cotton for my husband and his cousins. The Owlets both own quilts of their baby clothing which of course they are embarrassed about now, but will come to value some day. Maybe.

Enough editorializing. Here’s from the library:

On Thursday, March 16 from 4:00—5:00 PM at the Community Room of the Weston Public Library, New England Quilt Museum curator Pam Weeks weaves world history, women’s history, industrial history, and just plain wonderful stories into a presentation about quilts.

Quilts tell stories, and quilt history is full of myths and misinformation as well as heart-warming tales of service and tradition. Nearly every world culture that has cold weather uses quilted textiles – quilting is NOT just an American art. [Ed. My husband is from one of the hottest places in Brazil. You don’t need cold weather for folks to make quilts–in Brazil, they are bed coverings that are removed every night and replaced every morning, maybe to keep the scorpions from bedding down with you but I quibble…]

Participants are invited to bring one quilt for identification and/or story sharing. Prompted in part by the material culture at hand, the presenter may speak about fashion fads, the Colonial Revival, quilt-making for Civil War soldiers, and anything else quilt-related she can squeeze in. 

Pam Weeks is the Binney Family Curator of the New England Quilt Museum. Author of the book Civil War Quilts and articles on quilt history, she lectures nationally on quilt-making and quilt-history. Weeks uses quilts to tell stories of the Civil War, women’s history and industrial history. 

Registration is required for the event. Please register here.


Did I know there was a New England Quilt Museum? I did not. Check it out here: It’s in Lowell and I feel a field trip coming on. Not today.

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