Weston Baseball Skills Clinics June 26-29: Registration Open


There’s nothing like thinking about summer when the last (do you hear me, winter?) snowstorm of the season comes in. The Owl admits that she is not in home range at the moment, and therefore is missing all the shoveling joy as well as what will probably be the last Nordic skiing. Or not. It’s New England. As those with kids in the public schools already know, there is an 11 am dismissal for elementary schools and 11:45 for secondary schools. Stay off the roads if you can as these buses will be packed coming home.

So let’s think about summer. If you have a 7-12-year-old kid (also known as the golden age of childhood), think about signing them up for the 2023 Weston Baseball Skills Clinics which are being held for the zillionth year by Coach Matt and Coach Eric. This is an excellent opportunity for your young players to improve their skills, become better teammates, increase their baseball knowledge and just plain have fun with their friends. With the usual amount of bias, I will say that this is a super-positive and fun group — and when they say all levels are welcome, they really mean it. The Brazilian Owlet was new to it all and had the best time as an 8-year-old.

Registration for the 2023 Weston Baseball Skills Clinics is now open, please go to westonbaseball.com, click on registration, and choose either Fielding Clinic, Hitting Clinic or both.

The Fielding Clinic 6/26-6/27 9:00am-3:00pm will focus on all skills associated with fielding. Drills will teach proper technique in playing each of the infield and outfield positions.

The Hitting Clinic 6/28-6/29 9:00am-3:00pm will focus on all aspects of hitting. Hit off the T, soft toss, focused hitting drills and live pitching with individual instruction to continue to improve hitting.

As in years past, there will be a theme for each day including best effort, sportsmanship, becoming a better teammate, celebrating the love of the game, etc… recognition will be given to the players that best exemplify the theme of each day. The coaches will act out the now well-known “You make the call” baseball situations testing players’ knowledge of the game and the clinic will conclude with a “Baseball Olympics” giving the players the opportunity to compete and showcase what they have learned. 

Coach Matt and Coach Eric will provide sunscreen, water, Gatorade and popsicles to keep the kids hydrated. Each day will have several water breaks as well as a popsicle break during the afternoon. Please pack a lunch as well as a snack for your child.  In the case of bad weather, there will be alternative clinic details. Please make coaches aware of any allergies or special circumstances your child may have in advance or during drop-off.

Summer cometh…

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