Late Snow and Spring Awakenings: Gwyn Loud’s March Column for LLCT

Red maple in flower. Photo by Gwyn Loud, used by permission.


As posted in the Owl on past occasions, Gwyn Loud’s wonderful newsletter for Lincoln Land Conservation Trust is one of my favorite reads every month. Because March is always hopeful for those of us with crocuses and happy organic yards (do not get me started on lawn pesticides), this is usually my favorite of her monthy newsletters. It’s also my calendar nudge that Big Night cometh…little amphibians will soon make their happy (hopefully) crossings to the vernal pools then back again.

Because the photos are such an important part of the newsletter, the Owl will not reproduce it here but send everyone to the LLCT website where you can read this month’s column, past columns, and enjoy perusing all the wonderful educational programs done by LLCT which has four employees and kicks a** on an ongoing basis. Last night was a webinar on wild bees in the backyard during which my mom and I discussed which was our favorite: bombus perplexus (sounds like a confused bumble) or bombus impatiens which sounds like a bee in a hurry, but is actually our common Easter bumblebee.

Enjoy! And you too can sign up for LLCT’s infrequent but important communications here. They’re free and they’re fantastic.

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