More Science-Y Stuff: K-12 Science and Engineering Community Forum March 16

Science-y stuff. Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash


Does it feel like the science-y math-y stuff never ends? Well, it doesn’t end and that’s a good thing.

Please join the WPS Science Department heads for the K-12 Science & Engineering Community Forum tomorrow, Thursday, March 16, at 8:30 am in the Field School Dining Hall and on  Zoom. This is a part of the Science External Review Process, where an external team will be seeking feedback about the K-12 Science program from community members. If you would like to submit questions or have comments about the review please contact K-5 Curriculum Specialist,  Susan Erickson

We are exceptionally fortunate here in Weston to have two master-blaster of awesomeness science curriculum specialists/department heads, Dr. Susan Erickson and Dr. Stephen Ribisi. The former is the K-5 Curriculum Specialist, Susan Erickson, and the latter is the Science department head for grades 6-12. Both kick tush. I am particularly fond of Dr. Erickson as she was one of the vocal and constant backers of the Outdoor Nature Classroom at Case Estates. Remember, boys and girls, it is almost time for all the creepy-crawlies to be found under the old stumps. Also wetlands adventures! Frogs! And nature’s best engineering: trees.

Please participate if you can.

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