Weston Art and Innovation Center Needs You…and Your Survey Answers


Here’s an easy one for your Friday. Click here to head to the Weston Art & Innovation Center survey where you can answer questions about what you like and want from the beautiful old library space that is now the Art & Innovation Center. I filled out my survey this morning and it took less than five minutes. Never been to the AIC? Well, they want to know about that as well–why not? Are there classes or activities that are missing that would interest you? Or is the timing of current activities not right?

Would you go to a class if it were taught by our awesome high schoolers? You know what I would like? Snapchat for Gen X. Not only would I like to know how to use it, but I would like to know WHY I would use it and why you need to take selfies every two minutes that show one eye, a piece of hair and a view of the ceiling of the car? Why? Existential questions will be a bonus.

What I really want is the robots from the Galactic Narwhal Chicken Effect to come home from Nationals in late April and battle a robot made by the MIT engineering department or something. May Madness. Or can we set that up before April as a fundraiser for these Houston-bound students to pay the costs of their travel? That would be cool.

What about our Forensics class at the high school? Could we do a mini-course at the AIC? Is that art? Innovations in forensics? And I mean no offense to well, anyone, but shouldn’t we do more about the writing arts at the AIC? What about a writing sit-in of stories for the to-be-created Weston Media Center digital newspaper?

Maybe we could have a mascots class. You know how the Owl likes to analyze mascots like buccaneers for a land-locked neighbor to our northeast? Let’s all get together and envision and draw mascots for towns that need some help. I am sure we will be VERY popular with some of these towns. Meow, say the ‘cats.

What about an Innovators series? The entrepreneurship talk given by the CEO of Spindrift was SOLD OUT for teenagers. Don’t we have some entrepreneurs in town? Oh, I think we do. Go volunteer yourselves for a nice talk in the Reading Room. What’s Weston’s superpower? No, it’s not squashing 2000 square foot houses and building 15,000 square foot ones (though that could be an interesting talk too, no?). We have many many many interesting people. Start a series: Interesting People of Weston. $10 to get in, every Sunday at 5. Or something like that.

Well, you’ve just read my survey response. Where’s yours? Access the survey here.

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