Hello, Spring! And Wood Frogs and Peepers and Impassable Trails


It’s the spring equinox, folks, and the spring flowers are determinedly reaching out for the sunlight. In the Owl yard, the irises are in full purple-hood, the crocuses appearing in random places from where the chipmunks have decided to mess with me, and the snowdrops have surfaced in the herb garden. The daffodils are growing up from various borders though they have yet to pop out their happy yellow faces. Soon.

In Jericho Forest on Saturday (before this brief cold snap), the wood frogs were quacking. No offense to them but they make me laugh every time because I do not think that sound belongs on a tiny frog. If you haven’t heard them, listen to this video. You can hear them very well on the trails around French’s Field–the current best trail for this is circled in red below. The peepers are also starting to peep there in Jericho–they were on the other side of the trail. A lot of sound for a tiny little beast. Park at Dickson Rings near Acorn Lane and walk in. Full map of Jericho here but you’ll get lost anyway. Enjoy the ride.

Best trail for both wood frogs (west side) and peepers (east side)


If you do decide to get out on the trails, wear your waterproof boots and preferably waders if you are around College Pond. I would actually call the College Pond dam completely impassable at the moment–water is running over the top. This bums me out for many reasons including the fact that the red-winged blackbirds are back and singing from that spillway.

K-9 Ranger Katie says “what’s the issue?”


Conservation staff and Weston Forest & Trail Association volunteers are aware of the situation at the spillway and at the muck and puddles in at least three other places at College Pond. Some of it is the work of our friendly beavers who have succeeded in circumventing the “beaver deceiver” at the Pond–that will be a first project for the contractor this spring. It’s at end of life–and the beavers are no longer deceived. Some of the other large muck farther north on Cherry Brook (actual brook not road) is caused by a beaver pair which is busily stopping water because that is what they do.

The work of busy beavers near warming hut at College Pond


Get out on the trails this week, Weston, for the frog fun! We’re so lucky to have nature at our back door. And front door. And squishily in our shoes. And yes, ticks are back so be sure to check yourself over, and get the tick products on your furry friend.

See you on the trails!

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