Land’s Sake Sugaring Off Festival – March 25 at the Sugar House


Early spring means it’s time for the Land’s Sake Sugaring Off Festival, this year on Saturday, March 25 from 10 am-2 pm at the Middle School Sugar Shack (fine, it’s a Sugar House but only because we’re Weston).

The Sugar House is where the famous Weston-born maple syrup is boiled and bottled. Come on by for a free tour (this was in all bold and caps on the marketing materials–it never occurred to me there would be a charge for a sugar house tour). I would like to question this line: “Join the celebration of this amazing process and our continued effort to keep the forest alive!” I think I’ll go by and see how maple syruping keeps the forest alive. Yes, I’m just messin’ with you LS, no worries. By the way, did you know that today is International Day of the Forests and Trees? Yes, and I’m not making that up either.

Be aware that given the short winter and maple sap season, there isn’t a whole lot of syrup. Come early if you want to take home a bottle (those are not free). There will be other farmstand products for sale as well as Land’s Sake information and memberships and stuff. “And stuff” is my favorite way of saying I am too lazy to look up stuff so figure it out and stuff.

Also available is a delicious pancake breakfast made by local and awesome restaurant Heirloom (charge) to enjoy on site (no charge). Event is held rain or shine so hope for shine.

The Sugar House is located near the Middle School at 456 Wellesley Street, just north of the MS tennis courts.

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