Sonnet Duels and Hiding a Murder Weapon: Shake-Scene April 11


I have found my people and they are Shakespeare people, and that there is a phrase that I would never imagine coming out of the Owl. In general, I feel stabby when I have to read Shakespeare, and it seems that two actors feel the same. When I read marketing material that says there will be “universal themes of the price of power, the risks of falling in love and what to do with a murder weapon,” I think wow, yes!

On Tuesday, April 11 at 3 pm, please come to the Weston Public Library to enjoy Shake-Scene! with actors Stephen Collins and Poornima Kirby’s interpretation of the classics, including a “sonnet duel.” If you don’t remember from English class, all sonnets are 14 lines long and in iambic pentameter, so are not particularly dangerous in my mind. Let’s see how this goes. I personally am not a fan of most of Mr. Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets because there is always winter turning your face into a mass of wrinkles or in Shakespeare-ese: “Thy Glass Will Show Thee How Thy Beauty Wears.” Ugh. Fine, he has some funny stuff too, but the sonnets are a mess. This is my summary based on AP English thirty years ago.

I am also intrigued by the idea that this is for age 18+. I sort of feel that Shakespeare in general could be 18+ due to the tortured language (sorry, Grand Owl, but true) but hmmmm…racy Shakespeare, this should be fun!

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