Global Flora at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Open March 25


Commonly known to the Owl as the Mother Ship, Wellesley College’s amazing Botanic Gardens and its “Global Flora” are open to the public this Saturday, March 25 from 10 am-2 pm. You can see other open dates and times on the flyer above.

Global Flora is housed in the new net-zero Conservatory at the college which opened just before the pandemic in 2019. It has largely been closed to the public since then because of construction at the Science Center. Now, the 1870s-aged camelia can once again be seen by the public, as well as plants, trees and “stuff” inside and out. You can read more about the new building in the 2019 Wellesley College Magazine.

Not much of the outdoor space is hopping…yet…but a walk around the trees and Paramecium Pond is always welcomed. Stop by the huuuuugggggeeee purple beech tree planted for the Owl’s class–that’s in front of the humming and always happy Science Center.

A living link to the College’s history, the Durant camellia, donated by Wellesley founder Henry Durant in the 1870s, is thriving in its new pavilion. Photo credit: Wellesley College magazine


Please note that Wellesley is on spring break starting this weekend so the campus will be a little less occupied than normal, but most buildings are closed to the general public.

You can plan your visit by going to this website.

Credit: Wellesley College magazine

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