Gribenes and Other Yummies from Mamaleh’s: Order by Noon 3/23


It’s local semi-rural (aka “suburban” except in Weston) pick-up day for locally-owned but not-in-Weston deli Mamaleh’s, Thursday, March 23. As mentioned in prior posts, Mamaleh’s is my favorite bagel and novie (fine, nova) place outside of Zabar’s in NYC, also known as “the city” where Boston is “the town” which makes Weston ummmmmmm semi-rural. Full circle like a bagel so here’s the actual news.

The news is that while I am stuck getting the summer tires on here in Watertown, the reminder of it being Mamaleh’s night arrived in the inbox to torture me. Sabbath meals, bagels, soups, Reubens, sigh, I am dissatisfied with the Costco protein bar breakfast. And I have just learned of a new food called gribenes which are in this week’s special order. I’m going to get to that in the next paragraph but vegetarians and vegans might want to skip to the following paragraph.

According to my favorite almost-truthful source, okay second after me, Wikipedia, “gribenes” in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, are crisp chicken or goose skin cracklings with fried onions. I learned a lot today because I thought “cracklings” were always pork, which would be a major no in Jewish cuisine. In Brazilian cuisine, “torresmos” or cracklings are also made from rendered pork fat and they are snacked down in our house in about 15 seconds. Trust me when I say there is nothing healthy about them but they are soooooo sooo good.

Welcome back, vegetarians. Know that it is also your last chance to get a cocktail delivered…after April 1, restaurants can no longer deliver cocktails in Massachusetts because yeah, blue laws, baby! Letter of the law applies four hundred years later. While somewhat questioning the yummy factor of Mamaleh’s Pickles the ‘Tini, you can get one if you need it.

Orders need to be in by noon. Rush over there right now. Instructions below:

To Order:
Head to’s and schedule your order for PICKUP from Cambridge
Select Thursday, 3/23 In our Suburban Pick Up menu, find the WESTON location and add it to your cart (it’s this $0 menu item that marks your order for us to bring out)
Order off any of the menus! Really! Anything!
Place your order by noon on the day of the pickup.
Feel free to give Mamaleh’s a call if you’d like some help navigating the process: 617.958.3354 (press 1 for Cambridge)

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