Ultimate Frisbee Takes Weston By Storm: Now Available for the Littles

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Following on news of Weston High School’s newest club sport, Ultimate Frisbee, comes a new “academy league” (I just made that up but it sounds cooler) for kids in K-5th grade. This, as many folks know, is the sweet spot of learning to throw a frisbee like you mean it. A side bonus is that your resident border collie, Aussie or labrador retriever will love to help continue the training at home.

Kid Ultimate Frisbee (or KUF) will be coached by local Weston dad Bill Blinn, father to Max (preschool) and Sebastian (1st grade at Woodland), and some of our fabulous Weston High School frisbee players. Bill is a lifelong ultimate frisbee player and if there is any sport you can play for your entire life, it is frisbee (try that with your soccer knees or hockey hamstrings–not actually sure about the last one but it has alliteration. )

Kids Ultimate Frisbee is for kids K-5th grade and will take place on Sundays at noon at Field School starting April 23rd. No experience is required.

Sign up through Weston Recreation at their new site for which I still have not registered…some day…

Go ‘cats!

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