WPD Detective Kellie Connarton’s Act of Kindness with Project Beloved

Chief Denis Linehan, Sue Morris, and Detective Kellie Connarton. Courtesy Photo.


The Owl first met WPD Detective Kellie Connarton back in 2015 or 2016 when Kellie divided her time between Weston public schools and generalized detective work. At the time, the Owl had a bee in her bonnet (that image might be iffy) about something she doesn’t remember anymore but possibly the ALICE drills in the public schools, and met with Kellie and then-Chief Goulding. The Weston Police are always, always willing to meet about community concerns, which is more amazing than you know. Try that in São Paulo, Brazil. I have and I don’t recommend it.

Flash forward now, and Kellie has just completed her 15th year working in Weston and if you have met her, you might know that she is our town’s own Roy Kent (I cannot help you now if you have not seen Ted Lasso), minus the “f bombs.” By this, I mean the song that the fans sing for the player which I will now change in genders to “she’s here, she’s there, she’s every-f’ing where” which sounds bad but what I mean is she is as hard-working and dedicated a soul as you are ever likely to meet. Not sure about her soccer skills — still waiting for the WHS vs WPD World Cup. I would like you all to note that it is very difficult to relate police to soccer and I need partial credit here.

As background, it is important to note that Kellie has been certified as a sexual assault investigator since 2009 and she has handled the majority of sexual assault cases/investigations in Weston.

Yesterday on the Weston Police Facebook site, a story about Kellie popped up (you can read it here if you are on Facebook) and the Owl sent a note over to the detective which was quickly answered. The Owl is simply elaborating and amplifying someone else’s story: a story of caring and community by an off-duty police detective, who is seemingly never ever off-duty.


Recently, while on a road trip with her family, Kellie Connarton began listening to the Molly Jane Matheson story on the Crimes Against Women Podcast. Molly Jane Matheson was the victim of rape and homicide, and her mother Tracy has taken on a mission to turn personal tragedy and immeasurable pain into changes in the system. During the podcast (you can listen to it here), Molly’s mother, Tracy, discussed her organization Project Beloved and one of their initiatives called “Beloved Bundles” which brings comfort to victims of sexual assault.

“Most people can never imagine having to tell a complete stranger about the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. However, in addition to that, survivors may be asked (depending on the timeline of events) to go to the hospital and undergo a forensic examination with a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner). The process can be long and sometimes the survivor’s clothes can be taken as evidence,” said Kellie.

And this is where Project Beloved’s “Beloved Bundle” comes in. A Beloved Bundle includes clothing, undergarments, hygiene products, and other items for survivors of sexual assault. The bundles are meant to be given to a survivor after a forensic exam–it’s about providing a survivor with dignity and the knowledge that someone cares about them.

“When I heard about these Bundles, I thought that it was an amazing opportunity to bring an act of kindness to someone. Although it may not seem like a lot, the hope is that a survivor will know that someone cared to buy the supplies, assemble the bag and then deliver it to a hospital for them,” Kellie explained.

Upon returning to work from her family trip, Kellie immediately reached out to Project Beloved and Tracy. Kellie was put in touch with a local volunteer, Sue Morris, and they scheduled delivery of Beloved Bundles to the Weston Police Department.

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Sue delivered to the department 54 bundles to be distributed to local SANE hospitals. Kellie recently dropped off 15 bundles to Newton-Wellesley Hospital with plans to deliver more to local hospitals in the future.


An act of kindness started by Project Beloved and amplified by Detective Kellie Connarton. If you don’t know the value of a small-town community-focused police department, well, you do now. I would, as per expected, mention that a WPD Comfort Dog like Maynard PD’s Otis would add even more value. I might have mentioned that a few times–I think I will make a Weston Owl bingo card and you can cross off things like “Intersection of Doom”, “Spring Bunny,” “go ‘cats” and “Otis the Comfort Dog.”

To learn more about Project Beloved, please see here: https://www.projectbeloved.org/.

In addition, the Owl would note that the number one or two (depending on the year) crime in Weston is domestic violence. Weston is linked with several domestic violence programs, including Domestic Violence Services Network and REACH. According to Kellie, there are several others as well and she is more than happy to provide that information if anyone needs it. Kellie is available weekdays between 8 am – 4 pm, and can be reached at 781-786-6208 or by email connarton.k@police.westonma.gov.

Thank you for all you do, Kellie!!



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  • Good coverage of DV services by Wesron PD

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