Ballot Set for Town Election: Chaplin Running for Board of Health

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As published here on March 6, 2023, there were Caucus nominees for every open position in Weston’s all-volunteer town boards, except for Commissioner of Trust Funds (1-year position).

Due to issues having to do with not being a US voter, the Caucus nominee for the Board of Health had to withdraw. Fortunately, papers were requested, signatures received and now we have a Board of Health candidate on the ballot who is Diana Chaplin. The only open position remains Commissioner of Trust Funds (the one-year position fill), and I guess we need to figure out who to write in, no?

The Owl enjoys writing profiles of our candidates for election, and tomorrow will feature longtime Wildcat, Tom Palmer. If any other candidate would like some air time, please contact the Owl at

Here is your view of the election ballot. All are Caucus nominees except for Ms. Chaplin:

Select Board: Tom Palmer

School Committee: Adam Newman

Moderator: Rip Hastings

Planning Board: Leslie Glynn

Board of Assessors (2 seats): John Hennessey, Tamilyn M. Liesenfeld

Recreation Commission: (3 seats): Adam King, Eric Rosenthal, Chikaebere Toure

Library Trustees (2 seats): Joe Mullin, Emma Kwon.

Board of Health: Diana Chaplin

Commissioner of Trust Funds (3 year term): Kevin O’Connell

Commissioner of Trust Funds (1 year): No candidate

Measurers of Lumber (3 seats): Michael Cooper, Daniel McDonald, Michael Harrity

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  • Nobody who knows anything about it wants to be Weston’s Commissioner of Trust Funds. The whole department is a hot mess, witness the very brief tenures of the last two people in that position.

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