Meet the Candidate: Tom Palmer for Select Board

Gail and Tom Palmer, courtesy photo


As noted in other posts, there are no contested races this year for Weston town government, which is not to diminish the fact that a number of fantastic people have stepped up, willing to volunteer for the town. And it does not mean you shouldn’t vote, because you should, especially so you get one of those cool stickers that say “I voted” and everyone is impressed all day. You can also write in someone on election day, did you know? And finally, you can meet Weston’s new comfort dog Lamson*. The date of the Town Election this year is May 6, 2023.

Tom Palmer, longtime Weston resident, has stepped up to run for Select Board, for the seat current SB member Harvey Boshart is vacating. For full disclosure, the Owl is an outright fan of the Palmer family and will try to tamp down all completely-biased editorial comment but know it is very very hard. You can see his candidate statement here.

You can meet Tom through these preliminary questions from the Owl, as well as the LWV Candidate Night on April 27:

Owl: how long have you lived in Weston?

Tom: In total about 30 years. I grew up here from fourth grade through college and then moved back in 2006 with my wife Gail [current PTO president and VP, Awesomeness Membership, Weston Forest & Trail Association], two-year old Davis [current senior at WHS] and just-about-to-be-born Alex [current freshman at WHS].

Alex, Gail, Tom and Davis in Iceland

As a resident, what do you love most about Weston?

It’s the best place to raise a family with great schools, recreation activities, open space, a quaint town center and still easily-accessible to Boston.  And the community size is just right, small enough where you can make meaningful connections, but large enough you don’t run out of people to meet.  Oh, and my parents and brother live in town as well, which is an added benefit.

Why did you choose to volunteer to serve on the Select Board?

I’m at a point in my life where I have the time and experience to make a positive contribution to my community. And I want to try and bring back the police badge they used to give SB members. And the $500 paycheck.  Just kidding on the last two…

What about the town would you like to change?

I’d love to see better participation in town government. Our town relies on volunteer participation in both elected and appointed positions, which often go unfilled or uncontested. Town meeting attendance is but a small percentage of the overall population and my sense is often not reflective of broad resident sentiment. 

Who would win? Honestly, the Weston one is much much better. Go ‘cats


You got your MBA at Kellogg Northwestern [as did the Owl] which has a wildcat mascot. How do you feel about changing our school colors to purple so we can re-use our spirit wear?

Alas, I’ve long since “outgrown” my Northwestern Wildcats spirity wear. Besides, I’m more of a maroon than a purple guy.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I (and my son) like to work on cars – we currently have 6, with 5 in various stages of rehabilitation, not including our “parts car”  – my sincere apologies to our neighbors. I also like to golf, ski, play paddle and go to our kids sporting events.  So Select Board meetings will be a nice counterbalance 🙂

Why is your dog named Fenway if no one in your family actually plays baseball?

It was the only name we could agree upon as a family.  Lowest on anyone’s list, but highest common denominator.  Truth.

Fenway, the Owl just learned, has his own Insta account

What is Weston’s superpower?

Being a beautiful rural(ish) town within a stones throw of a world class city.  This combination attracts some pretty amazing people.


If you haven’t met Tom, make some time to meet up with him at Heirloom. It seems that every time the Owl sees Tom, he is at Heirloom. It will also give you an excuse to try the London Fog which is the Owl’s favorite new obsession there.

Thank you to Tom Palmer for being willing to step up for this very time-consuming and important role.

Go ‘cats!

*Weston does not in fact have a comfort dog, but if you have met Fenway, the Palmer’s dog, you will feel better immediately.


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