School Committee Meeting: Monday, April 3


On Monday, April 3, at 6:30 pm School Committee has a regular meeting in person (high school auditorium) and on zoom, what is now popularly called a hybrid meeting. Isn’t it amazing how our vocabularies have changed in the last three years? I still cannot use the word “cohort” without inwardly cringing.

It’s an extremely full agenda as per the “new normal” (another term that make me cringe), and one that will not be without controversy. Yes, here is the moment when the Owl goes off the rails and into total subjectivity as per totally normal and you can skip this paragraph as you wish. The Owl has been informed that there will be a gathering of WEA (teachers’ union) members at 6 pm outside the high school auditorium. There will be signs and friends and teachers you recognize and love. If you find this difficult, you are not alone. I super wish this was not our new normal. Please note that the status of mediation and negotiations are not officially part of the scheduled agenda.

Moving on: The main agenda blasts off with the Galactic Chickens heading to Texas (if you don’t know about this, here’s the link) and then the announcement of the Interim Superintendent Finalists. The Owl will not be making any editorial comment on that subject. Then some info about a mathy curriculum which sounds interesting–illustrative math at the elementary schools. And updates to the Student Opportunity Act plan, and you can read more about the SOA here. Did I know that state law exists? I did not. And then an update about how our budget spending is going.

In the consent agenda are minutes, student club proposals, a WEEFC grant and wait, what? Appointment of a new Finance and Operations Assistant Superintendent, Stephen Nembirkow. This last one inspired the Owl to check in with School Committee because somehow she had missed the impending departure (at end of school year) of Sheri Mathews which was publicly announced at the March 13 School Committee meeting. A subcommittee of School Committee and Superintendent Connolly have been interviewing candidates since mid-February and Stephen will be joining the Case House administration in July. He joins Weston from Tanasqua and Union 61 Regional School District which frankly has a disaster of a mascot. Never mind. Go ‘cats.

As noted, the actual non-commentaried and helpfully-hyperlinked agenda is here. You can join in from the comfort of your own couch or in-person at the home base of the Weston Wildcats, Weston High School, 444 Wellesley Street.

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