Three Finalists for Interim Weston School Superintendent Announced

Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash


This evening, the School Committee Interim Superintendent Search team (Field School Principal Dr. Green, SC Chair Ken Newberg, and SC member Attia Linnard) announced the finalists for interim School Superintendent.

Originally, there were 23 candidates and these were whittled down to three finalists who were presented by Dr. Green in alphabetical order and with some words about their experience. The Owl will get all that together some other day.

John Gibbons, current Weston Middle School principal

Paul Peri, current Weston High School principal

Dr. Karen Zaleski, current Hopkinton Schools Director of Student Services

The process now moves forward with the finalists being required to complete a ropes course, Iron Chef challenge and a chess competition. No, not really. Sheesh, Weston, lighten up.

The goal, according to SC Chair Ken Newberg, is to have the appointment of the interim by Friday, April 14. Deliberations will be April 12, so the next week is going to be shaaazzzaaaam! Good times. Why are we in such a hurry? Don’t get it. Will check back in after my investigative reporter finds out more.

Meetings with candidates will be public. Maybe zoom maybe in public, I now have something else to do with my evening so will go to the videotape tomorrow.

Go ‘cats.

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