Special Events for April 7-9: Bunnies, Flowers, Food and Firearms

Spring Flowers by Moon Rabbit Flowers


Apparently New England has decided enough spring and is motoring towards summer today–we made Alexa repeat today’s forecast which seems to say 77 degrees. So either she’s having a meltdown, or we are about to. Ah well, Weston, it won’t last. It never lasts–this is New England. So let’s look at some Spring events.

Friday April 7 through Sunday, April 9 (also known as Spring Easter Sunday), will have lots of churchy events (the ones sent to the Owl are on the calendar here). If the Owl has missed your church’s event, I surmise you have not sent it in. It’s not personal.

In addition to churchy stuff, make plans to stop by local store Weston Provisions to get some yummies that you will pretend to have baked when the guests arrive this weekend–Concord Tea Cakes will be dropping off things that make you not want to save them for Sunday. Hello, lemon raspberry loaf cakes. Those have already arrived at Provisions and yeah, I snagged a Maine blueberry pie. Note that if you time your visit right on Friday, it’s fried chicken Friday and there’s a pop-up of glorious flowers from 11 am – 2 pm by Moon Rabbit Flowers.

At this point, the Owl would like to point out that Westonians have several wonderful options for flowers. Not only Moon Rabbit’s pop-ups, but the floral area at Bros Market has gone into overdrive. It’s nearly swallowed the eat-in area with gorgeous options. In addition, A Natural Arrangement owned by resident Jessica Pohl is always an option for specialty seasonal arrangements. Yes, it’s time to look at your sad containers by the front door and give Jessica a call. Shop local. Flower local.

The Spring Easter bunny will be on the Green on Saturday, April 8 at 9 am and is NOT LATE. He’s NEVER LATE. So please be early if you don’t want your kids to boo-hoo.

Minute Men volunteers Photo courtesy Minute Man National Park


And finally, because it’s about that time of year when we remember that Concord and Lexington are not only soccer powerhouses but also places that you read about as a kid and thought wow! how can people get dressed and out the door in a minute without checking snapchat and taking selfies of their new hats? Yes, it’s time to watch the incredibly dedicated and pretty-serious-about-what-they-do Minute Men who have one heck of a busy week, leading off with a re-enactment of the battle at Meriam’s Corner and then my personal favorite, the Paul Revere Capture Ceremony. Why is it the Owl’s favorite? I’m not actually sure. Check out the Minute Man National Historical Park calendar of events.

Paul Revere Capture Ceremony
Saturday April 8, 2023
Paul Revere Capture Site
3:00-4:00 pm

The Lincoln Minute Men, joined by other reenactment units, observe the historic capture of Paul Revere with historic music and a musket fire salute.

Happy almost weekend, Weston!

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