Conserving Wild Bees: Lessons from Costa Rica, April 26 at the WPL

Busy bee at Thuya Gardens, September 2022


So, here it is, Weston, the tax you have to pay for having this wonderful and extremely biased source of information about the town of Weston. As of yet, the Owl does not accept advertising except her own, or in this case, from an Owlet.

On Wednesday, April 26 at 5:30 pm at the Weston Public Library, Weston High School sophomore Nicolas Barbieri* will present about his experience volunteering to save the pollinators of Costa Rica, what that country is doing and has done to protect its agricultural future, and what lessons can be applied to our local pollinators. Costa Rica is at the forefront of climate care, and also has some fun new ideas on how to make a change–one suburb of San José has even granted citizenship to its bees.



You can read more about Earthwatch here. Nico would like to thank Weston Public Library for its sponsorship and the Weston Plant Pollinator Alliance for its support. In addition, he would like to thank all of the people who donated to his volunteer trip.

Go bees!

*in case it is not obvious, Nicolas is an Owlet. This should not be held against him.


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