WHS Chorus Pops! Do Not Miss This, Weston – April 11


The Owl knows that she posts heavily about goings-on at the high school. Yes, she reads all her comments and emails and you should all know she is 100% aware of her bias. And to paraphrase an Owlet, she doesn’t care. Scroll on by if you would like to miss one of the best local concerts that will ever be in Weston. Yeah, if you missed the Band/Orchestra Pops, you can see it on Weston Media Center’s recording but it is not the same. It’s not.

On Tuesday, April 11 at 7:30 pm, you are invited to be WOWED by the High School Choirs and Chorus. Why yes, there are indeed multiple choir-i. These concerts are open to the community but you have to handle the circa-1962 auditorium seats (fine, they’ve been replaced but technically the whole building should be leveled–fight me, folks who say “if it was good enough for me in 1982 when John Hughes movies were considered appropriate, it’s good enough for those kids.”) High schools are not supposed to be historic. They’re not. Yes, it’s Monday and the Owl is feeling fight-y. She may or may not have just seen Belmont’s new high school. No hope for their mascot but their high school is ridiculously envy-worthy.

Where was I? Ah yes, don’t miss these most excellent singers. HS Auditorium plus refreshments in the cafeteria. Don’t worry, the roof is still holding.

Weston High School is located at 444 Wellesley Street.

Go ‘cats!

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