Childcare Available for Town Meeting: Kids Night Out May 8


As all civic-minded Westonians know, Town Meeting, our annual party legislative session, is coming up on Monday, May 8 at 7 pm at the excruciatingly comfortable Weston High School auditorium. While the Owl enjoys Weston’s other annual custom of social media griping about voters having to be present in order to vote, the fact of the matter is that yes, you do have to leave your house, drive through one of the prettiest towns on earth, and park your tush in the auditorium. You can do it. One night a year. Sometimes two. If you’ve never been, I can guarantee you that the 15 minutes before the meeting start are super fun as you run into all the other folks you’ve avoided all year. Just kidding, Weston, relax.

One of the most common reasons for one voting block (aka parents with young kids) not to get to Town Meeting is lack of childcare. Well, here’s a way to make your presence known at 444 Wellesley Street–leave your kids at school! Okay, not really but the amazing High School Student Council is giving you the option of a fun Kids’ Night Out, hosted at the elementary school campus. Looking this over, I would MUCH rather go to Kids Night Out than Town Meeting, but apparently, this is not an option as I’m a couple of years past fifth grade.

Here’s the info:

Children in Pre-K to Grade 5 will be supervised by WHS student volunteers from 6 pm – 9:30 pm at multiple school locations so parents/residents can participate in Town Meeting. Children will be grouped by age (PreK-K, G1-3, G4-5) and will be engaged in games, sports, crafts, and entertainment. [Ed.: I would assume that siblings of different ages can be placed together but I don’t know.] Light snacks and water will be provided.

Space is limited and a signed waiver and prepayment are required by April 30 (Late registration is accepted until May 5). NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER MAY 5, 2023. Proceeds from this endeavor will support students’ fundraising efforts and grade events. Register and pay here or through the attached QR code.

Early registration and payment received by April 30
$20 per child
$10 for each additional sibling
$40 max per family

Late registration and payment received between May 1-5
$30 per child
$15 for each additional sibling
$60 max per family

Please contact Eunice Feller, Student Council faculty advisor, or Henry Moon, WHS Instructional Coach, with questions.

Now, you all need to follow the honor system and actually GO to Town Meeting rather than out to dinner at La Campagnia once you’ve gotten the kiddos settled. Wise guys.

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