Friends of the Weston Public Library Need You: Board Openings


If you live in Weston and/or use our fantastic public library, you know just how incredibly lucky we are. If you haven’t ever been in the library, what are you actually doing with your lives? Never mind. Now it’s time to pay back your joy with some of your volunteer time-the Friends of the Weston Public Library organization is seeking volunteers for the board.

The Friends of the Weston Public Library is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to fostering the development of a vibrant public library that serves as an educational and cultural center for the town.  The Friends encourage community engagement with the library by supporting programs, services, and resources not covered by the town budget.

The Friends hold annual membership drives, semi-annual Book and BAKE (Cake!) Sales (November and June), and an ongoing book sale (book cart in the library entrance).  One hundred percent of funds raised through these efforts support library programs, services, and resources such as, author talks, museum passes, children’s programming, the Music Committee Concert Series, library staff continuing education, the Local History Room, downloadable books and music, and equipment and furniture upgrades.  Have you seen the electric charging station on the front lawn or the Adirondacks chair around the perimeter? Have you attended a concert in the Community Room on Sunday? These are Friends-supported programs and facilities. In FY2020, the last year for which the Owl sees numbers, the Friends raised just over $54,000 for the library.

If you are interested in joining the Board of the Friends of the Public Library (and you all should be clamoring for these roles), there are several openings to choose from: Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and Music Committee Liaison. Want to split a role? Bring a friend. Note that there is no one who doesn’t like the library so your volunteer time will be filled with kudos, joy, and cupcakes as you support possibly the most popular town facility. How refreshing, no?

If you want to join the ranks of the few, the proud and the popular, reach out to Laura Wilson, Nominations Chair, at

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