Get Involved: Sixth Annual Town Clean-Up April 22-29


For the sixth year, Weston residents of all ages are asked to help pick up trash around neighborhoods, the Weston places they frequent, and along roadsides and trails. The goal of the Annual Town Clean-Up is to beautify the town but there are lots of positive externalities: accomplishment, civic involvement, and of course, the annual Bud Lite vs Coors Lite can competition.

During the first clean-up year, it was noted that the northside wooded land party-ers seemed to prefer Bud Lite and the southsiders Coors Lite. All of them preferred not to take their trash with them, which is a major bummer. If you find that your own neighborhood is pretty clear of trash, take a look at some of the roadsides near you (please please be careful with traffic), as well as playing field environs (there’s a party site at Bogle Field on Burt Road, one at Cherry Brook Field and usually trash around Burchard) or other town properties.

Grab a trash bag, put on some bright 80s neon clothing and head out. Please deposit all trash either at the Transfer Station or your own privately-managed trash can. Take a photo first. You can already see recent headstart trash picker-uppers at the schools. Go ‘cats!

Kids at Country School–hopefully finding zero beer cans. Photo courtesy Town Clean-Up


The metric for success will be pictures of collected trash shared on the Annual Town Clean-Up facebook page. You can send photos here:

Go Weston!

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  • Residents can pick up free yellow trash bags at Town Hall (Board of Health office) to use for the cleanup and dispose of them at the transfer station without paying the PAYT fee.

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