Garlic Mustard Annihilation Event Today April 22 on Town Green


So technically the Owl is not back yet but realized she forgot to post about one of her favorite events today at Town Green–Garlic Mustard Annihilation! Yes, Weston, it’s kill or be killed–well, not really, but that garlic mustard will take over your native plants and who needs it, except to make some awesome pesto?

Here are the details:

On Saturday, April 22, join WFTA and Conservation volunteers for an outdoor tutorial on identifying and removing one of Weston’s most persistent invasives. If not removed, garlic mustard can crowd out important native plants. If removed properly, it can be made into a wonderful garlic mustard pesto, or fed to chickens, or just disposed of properly. The Earth Day Annual Town Clean-Up starts today–let this be part of your plan!

No need to sign up — just meet out at the steps on the north side of Town Green. Bring a little shovel if you have it, your gardening gloves, and have at that garlic mustard. We shall win…it just will take a couple of years.

Can’t make it? Watch the video by former Conservation Administrator Michele Grzenda and Weston Media Center and prepare for battle on your own property!

Saturday, April 22nd from 10-12 at the Weston Town Green.

Please note that Land’s Sake is also holding its Earth Day event today, and you can find out more about that here.


  • great notice and video. Question about disposal now that we have PAYT. Where can it be properly disposed of without putting it in purple bags?

    • Hmmm, well I have a private trash collector so have not had this issue. I usually dry out the plants on the driveway asphalt so they are much smaller when they get thrown away… interesting dilemma…might check in with Conservation on that one and maybe they can work a deal with PAYT!

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