Candidates Night with League of Women Voters April 27


On Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 pm, you are invited to meet this year’s candidates for volunteer roles in Weston town government. While there are no contested races, that does not mean you do not care who will be representing you at the table and in the zoom meetings. At least I hope you care. Do you know what happens to people who don’t care? They get eaten. Or so it was with Pierre and the lion, in one of my favorite all-time children’s stories with perhaps questionable long-term mental health effects for youngsters. Thank you, Maurice Sendak.

Where was I? Oh yes, prepare your listening mode and also your questions for these candidates, who have all confirmed their attendance at the Candidates Night:

Tom Palmer (Select Board)

Adam Newman (School Committee)

Diana Chaplin (Board of Health) 

There will also be several incumbents joining in the fun, including Rip Hastings (Moderator), Leslie Glynn (Planning Board), John Hennessey (Board of Assessors), and Kevin O’Connell (Commissioner of Trust Funds). 

You can read fluff pieces on Tom Palmer, Adam Newman and Leslie Glynn in the Owl. There is also a link to Tom Palmer’s candidate statement here.

The Zoom audience will have an opportunity to ask questions after the candidates have given short introductory speeches, and we have completed the mandatory zoom issues portion of the meeting.  Meeting ID: 889 8587 1166.

The program will be recorded by Weston Media Center, and will be available at the View on Demand station.

Pierre learns to care and probably you should too though we have few lions in Weston. Image credit: Maurice Sendak

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