Jazz Hands!! Jazz Night is April 26 – Don’t Miss It


Have you noticed that if you say “jazz” about ten times in a row, you realize that it is perhaps the best word in the English language? Maybe it’s just jetlag talking but “jazz” is a fantastic happy word, and also a great name for a little white fluffy dog–my aunt’s Jazzy, RIP. By the way, if you enjoy a diversion about etymology, look up the origins of the word “jazz” which of course the French try to take as their own because, well, they’re French (relax, amis, I just like to razz the French) but actually seems to come from the slang for energy and pep, the latter a word that has fallen out of widespread use but should come back immediately. For a more factual analysis of “jazz” the word and fewer run-on sentences, see here.

Now what you also need to realize if the wordplay has completely escaped your Monday joy, is that Weston High School and Middle School have some of the best jazz singers and musicians on the planet. You have to trust me on this. Was I wrong about the Robotics team’s awesomeness? No. So pay attention here because JAZZ NIGHT is this Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30 pm in the Amy Potter Center of the Weston Middle School. Why the APC? Because it has awesome sound, an intimate speakeasy-ish (okay, I’m reaching here) location, and because the HS plays are taking over the stage at the high school. Park at the Middle School parking lot.

Jazz Night features the Jazz Bands of the MS and HS as well as the WHS Jazz Choir.  Don’t miss it.

Go ‘cats!

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