Happy Arbor Day – and Town-Clean-Up Enters Final Weekend

One tree hugs another. Jericho Forest near Ripley.


Happy Arbor Day, Weston! Find some time today to plant a tree, prune a tree, hug a tree, or just appreciate trees. We are so fortunate to have so many here in Weston–and fortunate to get a few more this afternoon at 3 pm (ceremony–they are already planted) at King’s Grant Champs-Elysée-Ouest. See more information here.

In addition, the arborist of Eversource, Matt Mitchell, will be out on Town Green at 10 am today giving some of our town trees a trim and providing (to humans) a short tutorial on pruning. Trimming starts at 8:30 (because basically every living soul HATES when high school kids drive unencumbered from the north side–don’t get me started), tutorial at 10.


In other happy town news, the Annual Town Clean-Up week is entering its final weekend with many big wins–lots of trash was pulled from Wellesley Street near Route 30, Cliff Road, Highland Street and Sunset Corner, as well as the school campuses. If you have time or inclination, there is a team meeting up at Burchard Park on Saturday, April 29 at 10 am to give the park and the sidewalk area along Concord Road a clean (why must everyone chuck their Twisted Tea cans into the literal drink border of College Pond? Sigh.) You can pick up yellow trash bags today at Town Hall at the Board of Health office, or bring your own.

Weston elementary schools clean up. Thanks to Meadowbrook and CSW which were also working hard.


Thank you to all Westonians and local private and public schools who have been involved in clean-up activities! This is a reminder that though the weekend marks the end of the official Town Clean-Up, you can actually clean up trash at any time. At a BAYS soccer game at Alphabet? Take a half-time break and peruse the borders for trash. At the Middle School fields? Ditto. Seems facile, no? And yet…

Special thanks to Julie Hyde, who has participated in no fewer than three clean-ups so far, and just never ever stops. Gold star.

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