Sunny Spring Days, Roadside Farmstands and Honor Systems


Weston has long had a north-south fisticuffs (sometimes with central Weston as its own contender) and the Owl is not one to let bygones be bygones. The fact is that our town’s real estate agents (you know who you are) like to post stuff about the “desirable” southside (hence the Owl’s references to the “coveted” northside) and then there are actually historical documents not made up by the Owl that talk about the south (estates) vs central (business) vs north (farmers). There is also reference to the northside as being made up of “drinkers and the thinkers.” What is the southside then? Hmmm.

Where we unite, Weston, is in the knowledge that we are all neighbors and community members. And we all abide by the Weston Honor System. I sum it up as “don’t be an asshole.” Yes, it’s true, look at past Owls. I absolutely KNOW that the folks who fly through the Intersection of Doom without stopping are NOT FROM WESTON. For two reasons. 1. They are ***holes (can’t wait to get my love note from the Grand Owl on my vocabulary) and 2. They can’t read. Stop is stop. Honor System. I therefore know that the black jeep that almost t-boned me was actually driven by someone from Quisassettituck (I made this up, can you tell? Though really that would be a great Massachusetts town name)

The point being that a Facebook Community post was just made by one of our honor system small farms (this one on the southside), about someone taking eggs and not paying for them. Yes, the scammers are caught on tape. The right thing to do is to go back, leave your money and a nice card that says “I forgot not to be an ***hole today, sorry.”

Another farm stand that was robbed of its “till” last year is the Viles Farm on Conant Road. Also on camera. I do not understand people. I admit that driving past the farm stand makes me want every.single.flower but then I actually pay for them. For example, yesterday I bought bunches of herbs and flowers from the Viles Farm and realized I only had $80 and needed to pay $90. So I dropped my $80 in the box, then sent a note to Henry Viles who I happen to know and like, and said Henry, I owe you $10. And he said “okay.” And then I went back today and bought another $10 of plants and just stuffed a $20 in. Please don’t steal it, folks.

Honor System. We are lucky to live in a place that values it.

Also pretty flowers like dahlias and daffodils and hyacinths and violets. I think I saw some tomatoes and definitely some herbs (oregano, parsley, cilantro, basil, etc). And nasties, also known as nasturtiums, except to the Owl family.

Enjoy the day, visit and support a small farm.


300 block of Conant. Now, don’t be an •••hole and also get yourself some good stuff!

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