Junior Firefighting Academy This Summer with Weston Fire Department


This story was updated Sunday at 10 pm after speaking with Chief Woodside.

Late last week, the Weston Recreation Department snuck in an announcement of a very cool summer academy for Junior Firefighters (grades 3 and 4, and then grades 5 and 6) at the Weston Fire Department for one week July 10-14. Third and fourth graders will attend academy classes from 8 am-12 pm and then the fifth and sixth grades from 12 pm-Registration starts tomorrow, Monday May 1.

The Owl admits that she was unable to reach Chief Woodside (go ‘cats!) for comment last week and with the short timeframe for registration has decided to launch this information without complete confirmation from the Chief. Therefore she is going to imagine that the camp goes something like this

8-9 am: Learn to rescue cats from trees. Learn first aid recovering from rescuing pissed-off cats in trees.

9-10 am: slide down pole.

10-11 am: Learn to drive half-million dollar trucks

11 am -12 pm: Bungee jump from 100-foot ladder truck.

Bonus time each day will be spent doing that whole costume relay race thing where kids will rush down the fire department driveway, don humongous fire fighting suits, jump into giant boots, put on a helmet and rush back.

Oh fine, it’s none of that. Here’s the story directly from Chief Woodside:

“The Weston Fire Department has not offered something like this Junior Firefighting Academy before now.  The firefighters who are in the Community Education Division proposed this idea as a way to get more exposure to the residents of our town and embrace fire prevention, community education, and to be an overall cog in the wheel of community risk reduction.   Our Community Education Division is a group of duty firefighters who provide fire prevention activities at the schools, Brook School apartments, and the Council on Aging.  They also provide First Aid instruction and CPR classes throughout the year.”

The Chief added that the “kids academy” will provide a look into what the firefighters do on a daily basis as well as integrate components of fire prevention, first aid, and CPR at an age-appropriate level.

“Firefighters Chris Conlon and Rob Jarobski have taken the lead to bring this great program to Weston through the Weston Fire Department Community Education Division, and we are looking forward to this summer and developing a program to expand our offerings in years ahead,” said Chief Woodside.

You can find out more about what the kids will learn by checking out the flyer below. Note that when the history of the fire services is covered, all kids must clamor for a Weston fire dog, a Dalmatian to be named Spot. Why? Because there used to be fire dogs in Weston accompanying the fire wagons. History rules. Kids, it’s up to you because Chief Woodside is totally immune to my cajoling. Sigh. Fire gecko it is.

Please note that registration opens at 12 pm on Monday, May 1 and is expected to sell out. $225 for the week. Register at https://register.capturepoint.com/townofweston. You must have an account in order to register so don’t leave that for the last second.

Have fun, kids.

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