Mugging and Stabbing At the AIC, Plus Upcycle Your Jeans


It’s Monday morning, folks, and my list of requested posts keeps growing. Plus a senior profile, some things to be said about the DIVISION 5 STATE RELAYS WINNING BOYS TRACK TEAM (oh, sorry, did my caps lock get stuck? Oops) and some fun committee stuff this week. And yet Monday blahs…therefore I must entertain myself with a creative title and that there is one, no?

The coming events and classes list is out for the Weston Art & Innovation Center and as usual there are about 5 classes the Owl wants to attend, and the possibility of her attending about zero given spring soccer/track/travel. Sigh. In any case, I do love the parent-child mug-making–I have a couple of doozies from when the kids were little. Actually no, I think those are ashtrays. Do ashtrays still exist? Probably not. In any case, mugs are fun. Here’s the intel:

Mother’s Day Mug – May 13, 10 am or 12 pm or 2 pm.

Come to the AIC and help your child create a custom mug from a hand drawing. Be it scribbles or a family portrait, your kid or kids can draw on a piece of paper and walk out of the AIC with a mug that they created for the mom or mom-figure in their life. Sessions are held at 10, 12, and 2 pm. Register for sessions here: note each session has a different registration page.

Next up is stabbing. I bet you are wondering where I got that one. Well, I’ll tell you–from my last attempt to learn embroidery which involved stabbing and bleeding. It’s not a sport that I can do, but the Owl family owns many embroidered items from Mr. Owl’s grandmother who was a crack stabber. If this kind of thing appeals to you, here’s the information on this introductory class:


Intro to Embroidery – May 11 and 18 (two-day workshop), 10 am – 1 pm

Begin your exploration of embroidery in this two-day workshop with instructor Carson Eddy.  Learn many of the essential embroidery stitches by making this beautiful sampler. When you are finished the hoop can be saved as a reference, hung on the wall, or given as a gift.  Join us to learn how to transfer an embroidery design, sew 15 essential embroidery stitches, and finish your hoop. Registration closes May 8. Register here.

Finally on the highlight reel (and there are many more classes and events: please make sure to check out the AIC website) is upcycling jeans. This class is fantastic and one I so wish I could join though I am guessing the crew will skew young. First of all, this class is taught by Cambridge School of Weston students and secondly, who doesn’t want unique and cool jeans without paying mega bucks for some designer to do it?


CSW @ The AIC Fix-It-First: Jeans: May 13, 12 pm-2 pm

Community Members can bring a pair of jeans and learn how to alter, mend and customize them as an alternative to getting rid of them. Cambridge School of Weston students will be on hand to demonstrate techniques such as shortening hems; lengthening pockets; taking in sides, legs and waist; fraying and applying patches. Additionally, students will share what they have learned about the effects of fast fashion and why “Fix It First” mentality is so important. This event is free and open to the public.


As always, there are a jillion other things to do at the AIC, most of them non-violent–wire-wrapped ring-making, spring cookie-making, and laser-cut lampshades.

So much to learn, so little time.

All images are credit to AIC which is located at 356 Boston Post Road in the best town on the planet.


  • Dear Owl, Without your emails on a daily basis I really couldn’t get through my day not knowing what is going on, even if I don’t participate or have interest in certain things, it puts your radar in gear, so when you are in and around town you then understand why all those people in green uniforms are marching down Main Street. But, girlfriend, you are killing yourself with notices and information. There has to be a way to have a Weston Bulletin or newspaper weekly. Do you know what the Boston Business Journal looks like? A smaller size newspaper, easily foldable in half to go in a mailbox, or pick up at the market. Call me old fashioned, which I am, but I want to read and refer to the “Weston Business Journal”. Please don’t tell me newspapers are dead and gone. Does your GPS really work as well as an old paper map?

    • The good news is that it’s in the works! There’s a working group working on starting a town communications channel. A print paper may be too much to ask for but a community calendar really must be done…

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