Weston Water Tank Overview Video: Watch and Learn


So, here we are Weston, one whole week before Town Meeting. It’s an important one because we are going to vote on water tanks, and our future water plan. My strong and biased opinion is to watch this recently released-by-the-town video to fully understand the “whys” and “wherefores” of the big financial ask that will be coming down the road.

There has been much static about the water tanks but no anonymous email or not-in-my-backyard perspective will convince me of anything other than that the water tanks must be replaced. They must be replaced at elevation, and we as residents must consider the future Westonians who will have to live with these decisions, just like we are living with the lack of foresight of past generations.

This is a well-made explanatory video. My only issue is the graphical representation of Weston houses which make them look like those little Monopoly houses. Also where are all of our trees? Oh fine, we get the major point. Hear from engineer-y people, Select Board member Laurie Bent, DPW Director Tom Cullen and Fire Chief Justin Woodside. Then make up your own mind–see you May 8 at WHS for Town Meeting!


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