Town Election: Saturday, May 6 at Town Hall for All Precincts


Well, here we are, Weston, on the cusp of new volunteers joining town government to lead our town into the future. You yourself have a very important role as a Weston registered voter: Show up and Vote! Yes, we all know that there is not one single contested position this year, but voting is important to show your support, or non-support for these volunteers. You can vote on Saturday May 6 from 8 am to 6 pm at Town Hall on Townhouse Road. You have time during your day of soccer, track, high school theatre, etc. You do.

My favorite part of town election day is the tent city that goes up along Townhouse Road with the candidates coming out to meet the residents. I certainly hope they are going to be there in spite of the fact that they are running unopposed. Dear Tom Palmer (candidate for Select Board), donuts would be nice. Dear Adam Newman (candidate for School Committee), how about some M&Ms? I walk quickly by the Board of Health tent because there are just not going to be “mimos” there–Portuguese for little things with which to spoil yourself. You know…snacks. Hey Leslie Glynn (candidate for Planning Board), what are you thinking? Cookies? Let me know.

Seriously, if you are planning to use the excuse of “I don’t even know who’s running for office” to not vote, please note first of all the major eye roll here in Owl executive offices. Second of all, please check out the League of Women Voters Candidate Night recording here. Not all candidates are there, but most are.

Please note that political signs are not allowed within X distance of Town Hall where “x” is currently unknown to me, but known to Deb Davenport, Town Clerk Extraordinaire, and the phalanx of town election workers. Bring them in a cookie because it’s a long day.

Vote, Weston! May 6.


  • Isabella Jancourtz

    Why on earth bother to vote in this “election?” I got my ballot in the mail, but will not be sending it in.
    It represents the total absence of democracy in Weston, as there is not even one choice to be made.

    This shameful situation is in large part due to the lack of a local newspaper. And when a selectperson does not announce his decision to forgo re-election until the Town Caucus, then simultaneously nominates his hand picked successor, they are both guilty of sabotaging the rights of the voters.

    All three Weston Select Board members are also culpable in undermining the will of the voters by not implementing the citizens’ petition which passed at our last Town Meeting, calling for a 5 member Select Board.

    • I always vote. It’s a privilege and a right I choose to exercise.

      I believe that Mr. Boshart had always said he was going to step down after his second term. That is what he told me when he got re-elected. He can announce anytime he wants. I will also say that regardless of who nominated Tom Palmer, he is an excellent candidate who I know personally and went to my alma mater (go ‘cats) so must be an excellent human being. I dislike very much your impliication that Mr. Palmer sabotaged anything.

      I have no comment on the 3 to 5 Select Board except to say if we cannot find two people to run for the role this year in a contested race, where are we finding these other two SB members? I hope you will consider running some day.

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