“History Under One Roof” is Open at the JST for Two Days Only May 13 and 20


Ahhhhhh….the JST…the JoSTice…the Josiah Smith Tavern…the former Jones Home. The once and future tavern restaurant, possible future home of the Weston Forest & Trail Association, the Women’s Community League (aka Weston Community League) and the Weston Historical Society. Seemingly finished for the past year, it remains empty of tenants, and this Owl is looking forward to discussions of alternative future uses since this is not working out. Bowling alley? Disco? Escape rooms? There are some cool spots in the basement for recreation of the Cask of Amontillado. Fine, I am going to get hate mail from the town and the nonprofit in charge, but this does get a little silly much like Saturday’s coronation. Not my sword to carry like that House of Commons lady who had to carry that heavy thing for about 3000 hours. Also someday I would like to take up a discussion of the “royal bracelets of sincerity” and the “robe of righteousness.” While those sound like a Monty Python thing, well, they’re not. They’re real British important things. Of course here we are talking about the JST, home of the Patriots (not the ones in tights), not the Loyalist tavern down the street which will host a flower sale later this week.

Where was I? Oh yes, the Weston Historical Society will re-open for TWO days only its wonderful exhibit of the Josiah Smith Tavern and its history. Along the way, you will learn about other parts of Weston history–the seven taverns that once held the annual beer-drinking championship, a self-playing piano and a couch, and (seriously now) slavery in Weston.

Actual marketig materials: The society’s popular exhibit tells the story of the JST as a tavern, residence, and community building.  Explore tavern life in Weston and view furniture, decorative arts, photographs, and household items belonging to three generations of the Jones family.

Bring the kids, check out the creaky staircases, and then sneak into the possible future home of the Weston Forest & Trail Association which is still debating with the town about whether or not we can hang pictures on the historic walls. Long story, long history, long life.

“History Under One Roof: The Evoluation of the Josiah Smith Tavern” is open from 11 am – 3 pm on Saturday May 13 and Saturday May 20.

Email info@westonhistory.com if you are interested but cannot visit on these dates

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