Make Way for Ducklings with the Weston Fire Department


Do you have ANY idea how long the Owl has been waiting to use that title? Two years at least. So here is a happy feel-good story that makes me want to bring the Fire Department lunch (remember first responders get 15% off at Weston Provisions all month. AND Weston Provisions is now open on Mondays which pretty much makes my entire Monday). Where was I? Ducklings! Here’s the story from Weston Fire’s facebook page:

“An alert commuter noticed a Mother Duck in distress on Church Street. The driver stopped and heard ducklings in the storm drain. We responded and removed 11 Ducklings and reunited them with their Mother. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the springtime for most area towns.”

First of all, ducklings!!!! awwwwwww!!!

Second of all, 11 ducklings!!! What a mom!

And third, who here loves that the Fire Department capitalizes the M and D in Mother Duck. It makes me think we have a new mascot for the Fire Department. The Fire Department Mother Duck. Who needs Taz when you have a Duck? Yes, yes, Bangor Police has the Duck of Justice but now Weston has the Mother Duck of Redemption. Or something like that.

Yay, Fire Department! And a HUGE THANK YOU to the UAC (unknown alert commuter)…wait…can I? Oh I must. The Quite Unknown Alert Commuter Kindness…QUACK!

And on that note, I rest on my laurels for the day.

++all images credit Weston Fire Department.

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  • When did this happen? Was it at the quack of dawn?
    And why didn’t they just lower some duck tape into the drain?
    I wish Weston Media Center was there. They could have make an interesting duckumentarie about about whole rescue. Go WFD!

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