Let’s Talk About Olive Oil – and Take Shots of It – with the COA on May 25

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How much do you really know about olive oil? Did you know that what you think is extra virgin may be refined oil, engine oil (no, not really) or not even olive oil? It might be ermigod oil from another tree, like a rhododendron which well, we all just learned is toxic. Don’t say you don’t learn anything at Town Meeting.

On Thursday, May 25, 6:30-7:30 pm on Zoom, join the COA to learn about olive oil. Did you know that in the 7th century BC, olives were considered so sacred that only virgins and celibate men were allowed to pick them? Wait, is that how it got that “Extra Virgin” moniker? Who knew? Or that the first uses of olive oil were not for cooking…[Ed: This is a pretty racy way to leave a paragraph, COA, what’s cookin’?]

Follow the 8000-year history of the precious substance that Homer named “liquid gold” with noted author and olive oil sommelier, Carol Firenze. Carol will take participants through the amazingly rich history of the olive tree and olive oil as she discusses its impact on the history of commerce, religion, health, beautification, and culinary practices. She’ll highlight everyday uses and explain the definitions of Extra Virgin, Virgin, and Olive Oil.

I wonder if Carol can explain that whole royal oil thing at last week’s coronation. That behind-the-screens oil rubbing was just a tad bit weird for me. It sort of changed my whole view of royalty. Probably this is not included in this zoom. Forget I mentioned it. I bet you can’t. Back to olive oil:

You will also learn to “taste like an expert’” by identifying the positive attributes of extra virgin olive oil and offering tips to be a smart consumer. Have a bottle of your favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a shot glass (or other small glass) available for the discussion. Life has come to this, teetotalers: shots of EVOO.

Call the COA at 781-786-6280 to register.

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  • Sprig and Vine in Wellesley (owned by a Weston resident) has a great selection as well!

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