It’s the Final Countdown for WHS’23: Clapping Out Seniors Friday May 12

A communication has come out from Weston High School outlining the schedule for the final day for Weston High School seniors of the Class of 2023 which is tomorrow, Friday, May 12. How can it be? Fully a quarter of the school will march out the doors at 10:40 am, and off into senior internships, senior week and finally graduation on the Town Green (hopefully) on June 2.

Here’s the schedule:

Countdown Event – May 12, 2023 –

8:45-9:55 – Arrive at school. Attendance taken. Buses to the Town Green. Breakfast on Town Green.

10:00-10:40 – Return to WHS. Senior Assembly and Countdown in the Gymnasium.

10:40 – Building, head down the path to the parking lot/field area.

Parents/Guardians/Families are invited to ‘clap out’ the seniors around 10:40 am. Students will be exiting via the Gymnasium/Auditorium doors.

Now: here’s the part which can be summarized as “Don’t F*** up (sorry, Grand Owl) your last memories of Weston High School by making bad decisions.” Let me give you an example of a bad decision. Arrive at school, eat some chewy druggie stuff, drink illegal substances, and then march in the door. Bad decision. Super not funny either or cool. Trust me when I say that life is full of little regrets and this should not be your first one.

This may or may not have happened last year and some students did not get to go to prom or finish out their sports seasons. Not sure if they had “collegiate consequences” but they definitely had consequences and they weren’t good ones. Also, it’s just sad not to go to prom and dance the YMCA with your GenX chaperones.

Don’t screw it up, Weston! It’s actually pretty easy to get this right. And now for the part I hate to even mention: WHS will have an increased police presence on campus and breathalyzers will be on site. Here’s an idea–make your own good decision and the police do not need to be involved.

Best of luck to you seniors! See you on the track and fields for a bit longer, and hopefully on Town Green on June 2. Do the right thing.

Go ‘cats!

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