Housekeeping: The Owl as Public Relations Firm


From time to time, the Owl posts some site reminders/ information for readers. Super boring, I know. Scroll on by if you know everything. As a reminder, the Owl is a blog and not an objective media source though most of the time, the laser-like accuracy of the posts is stunning.


So it never fails: the Owl posts a story about a business, a restaurant recommendation or even a senior profile, and I get at least one email saying “hey, how come you’re focusing on them and not me or she or whatever?” I like these emails almost as much as the ones that say “post this information” as if this is a newspaper for the Town of Weston, which is not. Or worse, an unpaid public relations firm.

So here’s what I will tell you about the role of the Weston Owl as your unpaid public relations firm:

  1. If you are a Weston non profit or community group, it is likely I will post your stuff, especially if you have included something in it that I deem funny. I am easily amused. I may not post it THAT EXACT DAY because…and I know this is hard to believe…I have a life and another day job. Also owlets and a Mr. Owl. So please be patient and I do my best.
  2. If you are a for-profit business and in the town of Weston, it is also likely I will post your stuff but only if you tell me about it and I subjectively think readers will enjoy learning about it. I am not touring the mean streets of Weston for stories, I simply don’t have the time. Got something cool going on? Tell me. There is no charge for awesomeness…that there is a Kung Fu Panda quote. If I post about one place, it does not mean that I won’t post about another or that one is better than another…I mean, can’t we all just get along? Also a quote but from the LA race riots of late last century.
  3. If you are a for-profit firm that makes millions of dollars a year and you want something posted, hire a PR firm and also me, you can have a sponsored post for slightly less than your current revenues.
  4. Super occasionally I make a mistake. An errant pellet of info. I take feedback marginally well. Be nice.
  5. In particular, I do want to point out that I would love to do a profile of every single Weston senior. Surprisingly I don’t know every single one of the class of 2023. Watch out when it’s your turn, Class of 2025, because you I know–start answering the questions now. If any reader is the parent or neighbor or friend of a Weston High School senior I have not profiled and who might be interested, please ask them to send me a note at

And now on to getting ready for the Dual County League Championships in Outdoor Track–today and this evening at Proctor Field at Weston High School.

Go ‘cats!


  • Thank you for keeping Weston in the know, Kristin!! We really do appreciate the time and effort (and humor) you put into your stories!!

  • Feel free to focus. once on my home office Chiropractic business if you so please.

  • living on a Hill with owls, we all sooo appreciate your ‘wise owl’
    news, features, and anecdotes. we try to take/make time to have a
    healthy chuckle or two. keep your keen eyes and sharp talons ready for the prey!
    kind regards, ML

  • That’s right go ‘cats track and field!!

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