Child ID Kit Program is ON for Today, May 20


The Weston Emergency Reserve Corps and Board of Health will be running the Masonic Youth Child Identification Program (aka MYCHIP) at the Weston Center Fire Station today, Saturday May 20 from 11am-2pm. This event will be held today in spite of the Spring Fling rainout.

Pre-registeration is encouraged to reserve a spot and decrease your wait time =>

MYCHIP is a free program created by the Masons of Massachusetts that makes kits for families that provide tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. In about 10 minutes, you’ll create a kit containing the following materials about each participating child (recommended for ages 2+):

PERSONAL DATA: A document with important identifying details.

VIDEO: A brief video interview that could be quickly distributed to the media in order to reach a huge audience.

FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprinting is a well-known means of identification. Resourceful parents keep fingerprints available should the need arise.

It is important to note that everything goes home with the parents. No information is kept by the Masons, WERC, or the Board of Health, ever. None of the information is copied and all the identifying materials are given to the child’s family. Also, despite what the acronym implies, there is no “chip” involved.

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  • My wife was been involved doing this for several years. Great program. In the past each kid was given a notice at school to take home to alert parents. For some reason schools now don’t allow this. Sad. We’re talking about safety for our kids. Don’t know why schools now ban this notification.

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