Tavern Tastings with the Tories – June 8

You know what I love about the Golden Ball Tavern Museum? Their unapologetic use of the word “Tory”–for a while there I thought we had given up on that word given its negative connotations (anti-Patriot, pro-Las Vegas Raiders maybe) and were going “Loyalist” but no, we are back to Tories and all their hisTORYcall tea-loving, scone-eating, beer-swilling traditions.

In that vein, please join the Golden Ball Tavern in welcoming back Jack’s Abby Craft Brewery of Framingham on June 8th from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. for “Tavern Tastings at the Golden Ball Tavern”. Jack’s Abby will feature many of their regular and seasonal beers and Tavern Tories will share a little bit of hisTORY about the role that taverns played in the 18th century.

Artisanal charcuterie will be provided by Life.Love.Cheese. All cheeses are sourced from small American cheesemakers and most come from New England and New York.

This event will be held outdoors – weather permitting – or in the visiTORY center in case of inclement weather.

Members get special member pricing and early regisTORYation (okay that was a stretch but whatever). Get your tickets now!

  • Tickets for Jack’s Abby Beer Tasting evening HERE


About Jack’s Abby – Independent and Family owned. We create high-quality products that honor tradition and the spirit of inspired innovation. With an entrepreneurial heart and a passion for people, we take pride in learning from and contributing to our vibrant community.

About Life Love Cheese – Life Love Cheese is a woman and minority owned business. We celebrate the producers, craftspeople, and makers that contribute to making a grazing board not just amazingly tasty, but also a joyful experience. We show our love for the local economy by featuring products from the Northeast region and we show our values by sharing products from women-owned and BIPOC-owned artisan food companies.

About the Golden Ball Tavern Museum – The Museum operated as the Golden Ball Tavern – an active, well-respected Weston tavern – from 1770 – 1793. The museum recounts the story of Isaac Jones who built the tavern as a home and a tavern in 1768 and six generations of the Jones family who lived in this house for over 200 years. It tells the sTORY of Isaac’s struggle during the Revolutionary era when he was first a friend of the government,(aka a TORY) and later turned to the Patriot cause.

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  • We did an event with LifeLoveCheese a few months ago — it was terrific! Tasty and very interesting — I’ll never go back to Velveeta.

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