Money Skills for Young Adults: Program at Library June 7

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On Wednesday, June 7 from 2-3 pm, the Weston Public Library is offering a program titled “Money Skills for Young Adults.” As a reminder, June 7 is an early release day from Weston Public Schools and your private school kids will be about a week done from school altogether. Why not teach them what to do with their summer work money? Oh just kidding, they’ll all be at their zillion dollar camps but they still need to figure out how not to buzz through all the funds at the camp store.

From the Library write-up:

“Healthy financial habits start young! Join us in the Community Room on June 7th @ 2pm for an in-person workshop titled “Money Skills for Young Adults”. This interactive session is designed for middle school-aged students. It covers key money concepts that may help build healthy habits such as needs vs. wants, goals vs. wishes, and even the basic concepts of savings and compound interest.”

Here’s the reality. We were all middle schoolers once. I think we might agree that most of us were not all that careful with our funds, whether it was from allowance, babysitting, or working at the public library (and yes, that was indeed my first job as a 13-year-old). Good money IQ is important to learning patience, delayed gratification and what the tradeoffs are between happy now and happy later. Also there is such a thing as too many German raspberry candies which is what I did with my first paycheck, ate them all, got sick and now four decades later I can’t even see that candy again without feeling nauseus. So, good money management skills can come from A Clockwork Orange style training or an hour at the library. You choose.

Pre-registration is required and can be accomplished here.

This program will be held at the Community Room, Weston Public Library 87 School Street.

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